Kim Klisiak says:

Rainforest Junky’s cricket feed is the best cricket feed I have ever used.  The crickets finish everything in this food, unlike other brands that left me with a lot of food wasted.  Crickets also live longer and I have less losses.  I have also been feeding this food to my roaches with excellent results.  If you want a top notch cricket feed this is the way to go.

Walter Merker says:

Mike is an excellent resource when it comes to amphibian husbandry, and has proven time and again to be the premier private frog breeder in the U.S. I have been purchasing frogs from him since 2007, and have never been disappointed with the health or beauty of the animals I have received. I first asked him what the key to his success was in 2012, and he sent me a bag of the gut load he developed. Since using the gut load, I have been most impressed by improved growth rates in my animals, but their color is enhanced when fed this formula as well. I am sure there is more to Mike’s success in breeding anurans, but improved nutrition definitely seems to play an important role in the overall health of the animals.

Adam Harder says:

I picked up my first Red-Eyed Tree Frog from Mike almost 20 years ago (1996!), and I can’t even begin to state how much he’s helped me with tree frogs and dart frogs over the years.  His frogs are always healthy and his knowledge is top notch; he’s never led me astray and has always answered my (often nonsensical) questions and helped me go from a day dreaming kid who drooled at pictures of frogs in books to an adult who can own, care for, and breed these amazing creatures I’ve been obsessed with my entire life.  Thanks!