Terrarium Supplies

Universal Rocks
Realistic, lightweight, and durable rock and wood replicas in a variety of formats: backgrounds, accent pieces, waterfalls, etc.  More information and pictures coming soon!

Current USA Satellite Plus LED Lighting and Ramp Timers
Lighting available in 18-24″, 24-36″, 36-48″, and 48-60″ sizes; both Single and Pro ramp timers.
Please note that we can not ship this item, only available for sale at shows.

Water Pumps
Great for installing a waterfall feature in your tank.

Aquarium Silicone/Sealant
Aquarium (and frog) safe sealant available in both clear and black.

Bromeliads and Plants
We are occasionally able to offer live bromeliads and plants at shows!

Feeding Supplies

Fruit Fly Culture Medium
Our own blend of culture medium helps produce abundant fly cultures and minimize mold issues.

Cricket Gut-Load
Our own blend of cricket food is an excellence source of nutrition for your insect eating reptiles or amphibians.